Friday, February 6, 2009

56 degrees!

The car just read 56 degrees as I was taking Brooklyn to school! It's amazing how much the weather can change your mood.
Olivia had her 6 month IFSP and transition meeting today. It went very well. Can you believe she is supposed to start school in 6 months?!? We got to meet a couple of people from the school system and were able to see how much she has progressed with her speech, as well as developmentally and physically. She is doing awesome! Developmentally, in most areas, she was at the 24 month level! Go Livvy! She has really made some great strides in the last 6 months. It pays to stay healthy!
We went over to the pediatrician's office today to check her protime and saw the doc. I told her I needed another little pep talk about the G-tube. It worked. So, we are back on board with that, although it is on the back burner until we get some of these other issues worked out. God knew I was hesitant and just needed a little more time with this. When we got home last night, Zac said the GI doctor's office called and cancelled her 24-hours impedance study on Tuesday and said they would call back to re-schedule. We will still go over to St. Jude for labs on Tuesday, and then hopefully come home. We are also scheduled to see the cardiologist on Thursday for an Echo and EKG, but she had both done last week, so I'm hoping we can cancel that, too. It could actually turn out to be a light week. Can you only imagine?!?


Anonymous said...

Good job Livvy!! We hope you all can enjoy that beautiful sunshine! We will continue to pray for good test results. Kay

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones,

I have not been good about keeping in touch via your blog since Christmas, but Suzanne caught me up on things last week. You are always in our prayers...

Mike and Linda Schulthes