Monday, February 16, 2009


So, I looked into the whole probe, low platelets, high INR situation and all is true. No probe placement unless Olivia's platelets are above 50,000. What does that mean for us? They admitted her this afternoon after her ENT appointment. This way she can get her platelets tonight, they'll check her counts and give her more if necessary until she reaches the target of 50,000.

Her INR has to come down, as well. If it is still high in the wee hours of the morning they will give her some FFP (Fresh Frozen Plasma) which will bring it down to an acceptable number. It sounds like the impedance test is a go as long as they get all the other stuff under control. They were able to get her IV in with only one shot - woohoo!

ENT report - she'll get tubes whenever they can coordinate a time with the G-tube or central line placement so we can do it all at the same time.

She is completely happy just whipping toys out of her crib. To answer some of the questions...When Olivia gets platelets, it is straight-up platelets - no blood. I believe it's called phoresis when you donate your platelets. They are filtered out of the blood. The platelets are the "clotting factor" in a person's blood. When they are low, the obvious signs are the petechiae and possible bleeding. If a person has really, really low platelets, it is possible to have internal bleeding, although it is very rare. Hopefully, that answers some of your questions and remember...these are Dr. Julie's answers. Take them with a grain of salt =)