Friday, February 27, 2009


It''s amazing how much relief I get from just typing out my frustrations. I instantly felt better and requested to see the resident on call. After an hour and a half, the nurses were able to track her down and she made it in to talk with us (good thing it wasn't an emergency =)
I asked my questions and vented my frustrations. They seemed to be well received, I guess. Regardless, I feel much better and hopefully Olivia will be able to get some feeds started this afternoon sometime.
Oh, and I was mistaken. Her fluids she receives does have calories in it, just no nutritional value. She is also going to get some blood this afternoon, so hopefully that will pump her up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Super Mommy can accomplish quite a bit when frustrated, eh? They must have seen "the look" in your eyes! Keep up the good work! Hope you get to eat soon, Livvy!
Laura S.

Amy said...

If anyone ever had reasonable reasons to be certainly do. And yet you show amazing patience, an amazing sense of humor and amazing resiliency!!! All the time! You blow me away, truly. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult so much of this must be. But girl, you continually impress me. God's grace is so strong in your life! You are an incredible advocate for your daughter, and an incredible mom and wife!!