Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I feel like all the posts lately have been nothing but good old medical jargon and biology lessons. Uck. I'm taking the day off from blogging about Olivia and her latest journey to fill you in on how sweet my two big kids are.
Today happens to be my birthday. The big 3-2. I woke up this morning to breakfast in bed made by Jack. He planned this all last night and could hardly get to sleep he was so excited. He woke up and went straight to the kitchen and made the most delicious Shredded Mini Wheats, oatmeal, a jelly sandwich, toast, chocolate milk, orange juice, and coffee. It was delivered to me on a cookie sheet with a little help from Dad. He was so excited and it was so sweet, but it was 5:15. Huh? So, I look at my dear, dear husband and ask how he could allow this to happen. He claims he tried so hard to stall, but ran out of techniques. I actually do believe that he tried, because the coffee was pretty cold ;)
So then the princess of the house came in with tears rolling down her face (a common occurrence these days) because she didn't make anything. And she only gave me one rock for my birthday and not 4. And she didn't help unwrap my new dishes. And she... You get the idea. So after Olivia's therapy this morning, Brooklyn and I spent at least 2 hours coloring together. We really don't get to spend much time doing fun things like that lately. It's really made my day special and it's amazing to see the difference it made in Brooklyn's day, too. I just wish the day hadn't started so early!


threekidchaos said...

Happy Birthday! You could treat yourself to a nap since Brooklyn's at school. Breakfast in bed is a pretty good way to wake up, even if it is pretty early. Enjoy the day!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a fun day so far! I'm sure having coloring time with Brooklyn was a highlight. I don't think any of my kiddos would actually sit and color that long with me, so you must be pretty special! I love the breakfast menu! Now if only Jack would have walked in at 5:15 with the camera too! That would have really made this blog post exciting! I'm sure you would have been thrilled! Maybe you'll get to go to bed early tonight! That sounds like a great birthday present to me! Happy Birthday!

Liz Miller said...

Happy Birthday Julie!!! Hope it's a great one for you. Sounds like it's been fun so far. Enjoy


Ellen Davis said...

Happy birthday, Julie! What a great story. Treasure the moments...even when they do begin at 5:15.

Crystal Montgomery said...

Happy belated birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet, caring, big-hearted kids have learned to be so giving from a mom......the best one for each of them. You're doing an awesome job.
S Lock