Thursday, February 26, 2009

No feeds today

Well, Olivia didn't get clearance to get feeds through her g-tube today. Maybe tomorrow. She does get to use it to get her medications, though. We've had visits from most of the doctors today. The cardiologist popped by and said that he looked back through all of her echos, records, and other information and did find a note stating she had a double vena cava. Apparently it's just not that big of a deal unless you are putting a central line in. Then the St. Jude doctor came in and said he had spoken with the cardiologist and there is a possibility that they will not be able to administer chemo through her central line because of its placement. Huh? He said it would be better if it were located on the other side. Well, Dr. Pearl tried that. Anyway, he was going to check with a few other people and get their thoughts on that. We're definitely hoping he's confused. Otherwise, Olivia is having a great afternoon She's not in any pain, but you can tell she is a little lethargic. She's not sad, not happy, just content. She doesn't want to sit up at all, but is happy to just lay around and watch movies. It's a good day for that in my opinion!