Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blood stuff

Told you I'd be posting lots today. Did I make it 5 minutes?
Dr. Al just popped in and said we would be going ahead with the impedance test today. She will be getting more platelets and some blood. Her hemoglobin is down to 8.?? I had wondered why only her platelets were dropping and not her other cell lines, but he said it doesn't always happen all at once. He is scheduling another bone marrow biopsy for next Thursday (the 26th, I think). So we are all hoping that gives some more answers to little Miss Olivia's antics. More to come...


Crystal Montgomery said...

Praying for a smooth day. Well as much as possible with a toddler and these darn procedures :( I wish I could help in some way. Snacks, coloring books, anything???