Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Counts are up!

Olivia's blood counts are up thanks to all the blood products! Her hemoglobin is up to 12.2 and her platelets are up into the 80's! Woohoo! Now if she can just hold on to those...
She and Zac had a good night. She's very roly poly this morning and it's obvious she's bored with all this hoopla. Hopefully they are in early to remove the probe and we can get out of here at a decent time.


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your playlist while I catch up on the last few days. I am really glad to here that all the numbers are up, and am praying that they stay that way! I am also praying that you can get out of there and get home to some fun, normal stuff like stories curled up on the couch and play doh sorta stuff. We are always thinking of you guys. Take care.