Friday, February 20, 2009

Without a hitch...

sort of.
Olivia had her labwork done this morning and we came home right after. How often has that happened lately? The lab was missing the order and it did take us an hour and a half from arrival to departure, but at least we are home. We did miss preschool today because we didn't get back to Macomb in time, but it was kind of nice to have a lazy afternoon.
Olivia just can't catch a break, though. We got home and within the hour, her Home Health nurse was here to administer her Synagis shot. And since she is so big now, she has to get a shot in both legs. If you count both Lovenox injections, her labwork, and the Synagis, the poor girl was stuck 5 times today. She is bruising so easily these days (due to the low platelets). Her bleeding has pretty much stopped, but she has had a few instances where her nose bleeds a bit, but stops right away. Also, the sites on her tummy where she gets her Lovenox shots are bruised and keep seeping off and on. I can't explain how tired I am of seeing blood! I did, however, get all the blood from the other night out of our carpet! That was definitely a bonus! We'll probably take her in tomorrow morning for a CBC to check on her platelets and see how she's holding up.
Is it bad to be excited about Olivia's procedures next week? I am so ready to find out what is going on inside that little body of hers and get some answers. Plus, when she gets that central line put in - no more pokes for IV's or lab draws! Yippee!


Judy said...

Oh Julie, I just feel so bad for Olivia! How is she holding up? Is she still her happy little self? I hope so and pray that God just gives her JOY deep in her soul despite her circumstances. And you, my friend, are one tough cookie! I know it's got to be miserable to see your little girl having such a rough time, but you are handling it with grace, as usual! We continue to be so thankful that God blessed our family with such a special little girl!