Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Olivia is doing really well. She's gotten some drugs, so that seems to be helping...alot! It's definitely good to have friends in high places. Her doctor friends from PICU have randomly been checking on her. She's been a little fussy when they swing by, so they immediately order her some Fentanyl. They really like their drugs up there. That's good for Olivia!
She has been able to get off the mask and back to 3L on her nasal cannula. She is sleeping soundly and her numbers are looking great. I think it will be good to just keep her comfortable for tonight and start making some headway tomorrow! Please pray for a peaceful and painless night!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Olivia,
I wish you a pain-free night of good dreams! You are so tough! Way to go!
Love, Laura S.