Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, a little blood goes a long way. Olivia is all tanked up and feeling great! She has had a couple of little naps and been eating pretty well. She's vomited a few times, but is that reflux or irritation from having a probe down her throat? Who knows. Anyway, you could tell when her blood kicked in. She sat up and started babbling and playing like crazy. Zac is staying with her tonight, so they should have a good time. Hopefully, we get out at a decent time tomorrow. I'm going to cancel her eye appointment. It's just a follow-up and it seems like it would be torture to make her sit through another appointment. So, we are going to head on home after we are discharged. I'll be sure to post again in the morning. Have a good night!


Judy said...

I hope you all sleep tight tonight! What a day you've had! I hope this is one you never ever have to repeat! Ryan and I were talking about you guys tonight and praying for you!