Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeling better?

Olivia's breathing has gotten much better. They decided to put her under an oxygen tent. She liked it at first, because the nurse covered it with stickers. That wore off quickly and she's been pretty fussy for, oh, about the last 6 hours. She is still able to eat with this and it's giving her poor little nose a nice break from a nasal cannula, so we aren't complaining. It's better in our eyes than the alternative, but she doesn't seem to see it that way.
They did decrease her dose of Lovenox. I didn't hear if it was because it was too much to begin with, or they are just trying to regulate it, but I'll be interested to find out. Her nose has been seeping a little bit, but she looks so nice and clean without dried blood all over the place. Her sweet little face is definitely taking the brunt of all this blood stuff. The plan for tonight is to have no bleeding, draw labs at 10:00 or so to see how all of her counts are doing, and sleep! My mom is staying with her tonight so I can try to get back on schedule a little bit. What would I do without her?!? I'll update in the morning, unless something really exciting happens =)


Carol Anno said...

Julie what would any of us do without our Moms, we can only hope that our kids feel that way too:)I hope you get some rest tonight. We will be praying for Olivia. She puts up with so much I guess it is understandable that a tent would only be fun for so long. Hope you are home again soon. Our love to all...