Friday, February 13, 2009

Tanked up

Olivia got her platelets this morning and we are praying that they keep her tanked up for the weekend. These trips are definitely starting to wear on her. She's been kind of fussy and grunty with me lately, but the second someone else walks in the room, she gives them the biggest smile you can imagine. I think she's totally bored with me and mad that I keep taking her to places that stick her with needles. I can't blame her. The nurses had to stick her 5 times this morning before they could get an IV started. She has so much scar tissue in her veins and has been stuck so many times lately that there isn't much to choose from. She really needs to have a central line put in sooner than later if this is going to continue.
Once they got her IV in and bribed her with a new toy, she was just as happy as can be. We watched Barney together (her new favorite show), she had some breakfast, and we read some new books all while she got her platelets. It's really not a bad set-up. Just a slow process. So, we are going to try to make it until Tuesday without getting any labs. We'll just watch for any symptoms. She still has so much petechiae (little red dots) all over her face, back, and trunk. It's even started to spread to her arms and legs. It should clear up with all of the platelets she's been getting, but it seems to be getting worse. This is going to make it hard to notice any new symptoms, but she usually has a way of letting us know.
Have a happy heart day tomorrow!


Judy said...

Have a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! I hope Olivia especially has a happy day and that she continues to feel well through the weekend. I'm sure she's tired of getting poked all the time. I hope these platlets last and that you guys get all this under control soon!