Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good night and good morning

Olivia had a really good night. The fact that she isn't really sick makes a big difference! She got her platelets and that bumped her up to 55,000. They are going to give her some more during her procedure today just to give her a little extra boost. Gee, maybe we could even make it 4 days without needing a refill this time?!?
Anyway, her INR is down and her platelets are up, so it sounds like it's a go for the impedance test today. Someone from the GI lab should be down around 8:30 to place the tube. Then a quick x-ray to make sure the placement is correct and the test begins...
It will be really interesting to see how she handles this. She's never really been a fan of people sticking tubes down her nose, but who would enjoy that? Any guesses on how long it takes before she yanks it out??? It's going to be a long day, so you'll probably hear from me a lot. I apologize in advance. Have a great morning!


The Dranes family said...

We are thinking about you this morning and praying that things go as planned.

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes Olivia! I'll be sending peaceful tube vibes your way!
Laura S