Monday, February 9, 2009


I joined Facebook this weekend. Big mistake. It's definitely addicting. I had been warned, but thought I could handle it. Not so sure. I'm hoping that once the initial thrill of it all wears off, I'll be able to control myself. It's really not that different from blogging, I guess. It's sharing the everyday happenings with people out there in cyberspace. It sure makes searching for old friends and foes a whole lot easier;) However, if you see my kids wandering the streets in their underwear, chances are, I'm sitting in here on the computer.
Anyway, we head to Peoria tomorrow for labs at St. Jude. I'm interested to see what her counts are. She has been waking up a bit puffy in the mornings again. Nothing like last week, but still a little noticeable. She also had some bleeding from her mouth this morning, but her gums don't look any worse than last week, so we let it go since we see the doctors tomorrow.
We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Lots of laundry and cleaning. It's so sad how excited and motivated I get when I have new cleaning supplies. Pathetic.
I'll be sure to post when we get home tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't turn into an all day affair...