Thursday, June 12, 2008

The big day

Sounds like the CT scan won't be until later this afternoon. I'm sure you were all sitting on pins and needles waiting to see how it went, so just a little more of a delay. So, I don't know if they will get the bone marrow biopsy done today or not. We'll just have to see how the day unfolds.
On a side note, they put her on her back this morning to do some dressing changes, and she is actually tolerating it really, really well. She's been on her back now for almost 4 hours and her numbers are holding their own.
And guess what else...she's been smiling again! This morning, she got a large amount of medication through her feeding tube that caused her to vomit because of the irritation from going down. I was right up there talking to her and telling her what a great job she was doing (not with the vomiting, just in general) and she gave me the biggest smile you could ever imagine. We have such an amazing little girl!