Thursday, May 29, 2008

Any suggestions?

Yesterday when Olivia had her little "episode" in the morning, they ended up having to "bag her." This is when they manually pump the 100% oxygen into her with the "bag." Anyway, Zac has decided he doesn't really like the terms they choose to use. Personally, I prefer "bag" over the alternative of "resuscitate." So, I thought we would see if anyone had any suggestions that we can pass along to the nurses. I thought it would be more family friendly to say something along the lines of "adding a little pep back in to her."
It's funny to think of all the times they have had to "resuscitate" Olivia, yet she has never actually stopped breathing, nor has her heart ever actually stopped beating. So, we are merely looking for some fun suggestions to pass along to our nursing staff. This way, Zac will feel a little more at ease when they are discussing the life-saving measures they are using with our daughter.
I also heard a rumor that internet service was down in Macomb. The fiber optics probably exploded or something from all the people checking on Olivia this week!

PS - they just turned her over from her belly to her back. She seems to be recovering okay from it. It did take 5 people in here to monitor, turn, sedate, oxygenate, etc... She loves all the attention.


George and Janel Dranes said...

Since it's Zac that has the issues how about using his name. "They had to "Zac" her this morning."

The Hawkinson Gang said...

I love that suggestion! I vote for "Zac" too! Nic

Hotz' said...

awh - one internet provider is down...but comcast is actually still

Anonymous said...

How about the nurses giving Olivia "the kiss of life" instead of bagging her? Glad to hear things are going well today. Kay

Judy said...

I vote for the "kiss of life" too! I think that's a sweet way of explaining it!