Saturday, May 31, 2008

but - an iffy day

Olivia's been acting up again today. She is still bleeding from her chest tube incision sites and her nose is bleeding. Her heart rate and blood pressure have been up and her oxygen sats have been so-so. They did an echo and a chest x-ray. The echo showed that her heart muscle is thick because it is having to work harder due to extra fluid. It's very important that she stop bleeding, get rid of some fluid, and not get any infection whatsoever. She is on 3 antibiotics that will hopefully guard her from infection. She is starting to settle down now and they are just tweaking things to get her back to baseline.


Judy said...

Oh my, bless her heart (literally)!! Thanks for your faithful updates! We're praying!!

Ellen Davis said...

We just got back from a one-week vacation, and there were a LOT of ups and downs to catch up on! Thanks for the updates. We'll keep praying.

Would love to see you all when we're home at the end of June and will touch base as it gets closer to see what your schedules look like.

Ellen & Chad