Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you were all able to have a wonderful Mother's Day!

So, which one of you prayed about the fever situation? She has been sitting below normal for most of the evening. We'll take that over a high temperature! One of her sputum cultures did come back positive with some type of infection, but it's not one that doctors would normally treat. In Olivia's case, they would, but the antibiotics she is on should cover that. They actually discontinued one antibiotic and kept the other.

If you can only imagine this: I am sitting here watching Olivia with both of her legs stretched up in the sky. She is pulling on her restraints trying to get them untied. She found a way to get her IV out of her arm earlier today, which caused her to bleed all over the place. Remember, the adorable puppy her neighbor got for her? Well, basically it looks like it was shot in the rear. She also found a way to disconnect her catheter for a while a peed all over her bed. How is she doing all of this, you wonder? They decided to give her a holiday and un-block her (turn off her paralytic). I've gotten huge smiles from her and a whole lot of high-fives! Talk about an awesome Mother's Day gift!, she needs to go to sleep. She is definitely too awake for being on the vent. She's going to end up extubating herself. Now, they are just tweaking her sedation medications.

We had a great Mother's Day celebration today. My sister hosted. Zac made it over and stayed for a little while. He had prom last night and after-prom all night, so he was a little sleepy. He was able to see Olivia for a while to and get his fair share of smiles and high-fives as well. I should mention that the lost IV and the disconnected catheter happened on his watch, not mine. Anyway, as I was saying, we had great food and great company. The kids (and Zac) ended up getting me a Gel Feather cover thing for the bed. Zac got the idea when I came home for my sleepover last week. I didn't sleep in our bed. I started out there, but at least one, usually both, kids always end up with us. It's soooo uncomfortable. So, he thought this would make it more pleasant for our cozy little "family bed" that has come to be. How thoughtful.

Well, it's taken me at least an hour to type this because I keep getting up to play with Olivia and try to prevent her from causing damage to herself. I'll close for now - until tomorrow!


The Hawkinson Gang said...

Good Job Oliva....That is EXACTLY what Mommy needed. Happy Mother's Day Julie! You are an inspiration to us all! Nic

Judy said...

Happy Mother's Day Julie! You're doing a great job keeping it all together!!