Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bloggin' from home

Just thought I give a quick update. I'm back in Macomb for a sleepover - it was Jack's first night for baseball. Who could miss the first big game?
Anyway, Olivia had a so-so day. She was definitely breathing faster and working a little bit harder. Her hemoglobin dropped to 7.4, which could have caused the faster respiratory and heart rate. They gave her a blood transfusion this afternoon and it seems to have helped a little bit. It's just a vicious cycle with her. The cardiologist thinks that it could be her leaky mitral valve that is causing her hemoglobin to drop. Her "collapsed" lungs could be causing her mitral valve to leak significantly more. This could also cause the high fever she got on Sunday. Her leaky heart could also be causing the "collapse" in her lungs. Basically she needs her heart fixed. He was going to try to get everyone together from hematolgy, cardiac surgery, PICU, and cardiology and make a decision as to when to do this. I feel like they will do the surgery during this stay. Otherwise we will just come home and have this all happen again. It's not ideal timing, but if it's going to get Olivia back to "normal" we need to get it done.
As of this evening, my mom said she's doing just fine - nice and pink from all that blood! Brooklyn and I are going to hang out in the morning and then I'm going to head back to the hospital in the afternoon. I haven't been able to get the internet working at the hospital this time, so that's why it's been early morning or late night postings. Hopefully I can get it figured out soon!!


Amy said...

Wow, Julie. We are praying again, not just for your precious little girl, but for your family: for the kids and you and Zak. And for the doctors that they will have GREAT wisdom regarding Olivia's care and planning her surgery. God seems to be in the business of performing miracles in your family, and this newest challenge won't be any different. I just want to tell you that even though I don't know you, I think your strength is amazing and you are such an encouragement to me!!

Judy said...

So how was Jack's first big game?? I'm so glad you were able to be there to support him. Yay for a great Grandma who knows how to handle these hospital visits of Olivia's. How blessed you are to have such a supportive family!!
I'm sure Brooklyn is enjoying having a little mommy time. Just know that we're thinking about you guys and praying for you!