Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer vacation!!

No news so far this morning. Olivia had a good night. She was able to get her catheter out and was given some extra diuretics to help get some of her puffiness away. I guess that's exciting news for the morning - no more peeing in a bag.

Today Jack went to pick up his report card, and Zac is bringing him to Dunlap tonight. It's officially summer vacation for the kids! Yippee! I'm very excited to have the kids here. I feel like I haven't seen Jack in so long. Anyway, he definitely had an outstanding first year of school and is very excited to be a first grader next year. Hopefully, we can keep him somewhat entertained for the summer and he doesn't get too bored.

Zac is on a 12 month contract, so he doesn't really get a summer. Too bad. Anyway, I'll let you know when I hear from hematology about the preliminary bone marrow results.


Hotz' said...

Blech! No summer off for Zac eh? Well that's okay...I don't get it off either. :(