Tuesday, May 20, 2008


People truly amaze me.

People want to help in any way they can. Because of this we have learned to say "yes" and let them help us. We've learned that these people feel just as helpless as we do sometimes.

People from our church took a collection for our family on Sunday. The person who gave it to me said I couldn't be mad at her and I couldn't say "no" because she knew this wasn't allowed according to one of my previous posts! (Lucky for you - I don't stay mad long ;)
People have absolutely no idea how much these things mean to us.

People don't realize how hard it is for us to accept these acts of kindness. We are truly blessed and humbled by your generous acts of kindness.

People have been inspired and blessed just by knowing Olivia.

People continue to keep our entire family in their daily prayers, even when Olivia is not in the hospital.

People we have never met have done extraordinary things for our family. A neighbor brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for us to enjoy. This was the first time we'd met (well, technically she met Zac's mom).

People have inspired me. I pray that one day, we are able to give back.

God chose us to be Olivia's parents because He knew He would be able to help us handle whatever was brought our way. He also knew, way before we did, the amazing support system we would have from our family, friends and community.

People truly amaze me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,
We will be keeping you in our thoughts and especially our prayers during your surgery tomorrow. We will pray for the doctors'/nurses' knowledge to know just what to do to make you better, for your strength to get through yet another surgery, and for your family who will anxiously be waiting to see you in recovery. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and pray for you. We are saying extra prayers for your day tomorrow.
You and your family continue to be an inspiration to me. I have learned so much from your family's courage and faith.
Stay strong, Olivia!
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for People, you don't hold grudges. ;-)

Olivia is a blessing to many & I'm glad you share her with all of us.


Ellen Davis said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. We are all praying for Olivia and all of you, hoping that tomorrow's outcome is the best it can be.

Remember, People don't go out of their way to do good things for those who don't deserve it. Olivia and your entire family have been an inspiration to all of us who have never had to deal with anything this somber. Thank you for learning to take those small gestures with open arms, because everyone just wants to help in any way they can.

Ellen & Chad

Anonymous said...

Olivia and family, Tomorrow will be a long and stressful day for everyone. Know that you are all in our prayers through out the day. We pray that it will be a speedy and uneventful procedure. Stay strong, Listen for His voice, rest in His love, and know all is well in His hands. Kay and Pat

Lisa Turke said...

Olivia and your family are in our prayers. We know first hand what a great support system you have and what a comfort that is to know that so many people,ones that don't even know you, do care.

As far as being able to give back someday,you already have. You were there for us in our darkest hour when Anthony was admitted to the hospital. You helped us make it through a very difficult time.

Olivia and your family are in the best possible hands....hands of the Great Physician.

God's peace be with you!

Martin,Lisa,Melissa & Anthony Turke