Thursday, May 22, 2008


Olivia didn't handle her last bone marrow aspiration very well, so it was nice to see her tolerate something for once. She handled the whole procedure like a champ! She has gotten a fever again, but I'm sure it's just from the stress and pain of it all. The hematologist said the aspiration was successful. Last time they were not able to get the spongy part of the bone out for a complete study, and they were able to get it this time. They went in at two different sites which also gives a more accurate sample. We should know the preliminary results in the morning which will tell if she has leukemia or not. There will be more results in a few days, and the final report won't be for a couple of weeks. Anyway, even if everything comes back completely fine, at least there will be an answer that this is just how Olivia likes to roll. I'm just glad she tolerated the sedation and entire procedure so well.