Monday, May 26, 2008

Completely Overwhelmed.

I always LOVE reading the comments that you all leave on the blog or send via email. It truly overwhelms me to see the support we have from all of our family, friends, and complete strangers. I wanted to share a few more things that have touched my heart over the last few days. They are definitely worth sharing (hopefully those involved don't mind) and this way I will have them documented forever.

A friend's 7-year-old son held a Snack Shack for Olivia in Macomb. They advertised throughout the community and had very steady business. This was completely his idea to raise money to buy Olivia books and plant flowers for another family at our church who is going through some medical issues, as well. You can read more about this under Kristin's blog to the right. (I don't know how to link you there - sorry)

During the Snack Shack, a little girl that we met one time brought a red ticket to give to Olivia. She had been saving it from the last Penny Carnival and wanted to be sure Olivia had it so that she could have something to look forward to when she came home from the hospital - going to the Penny Carnival next year.

My sister works for the American Cancer Society, so her kids understand the basics of cancer. She was telling my niece about Olivia's leukemia and this was her comment: "Maybe when I donate my hair to Locks of Love, Olivia can have my wig." I'm sure she would look beautiful with blonde hair!

And, of course, it's not only kids that have touched my heart lately.

One of my best friend's from college (we'd lost touch over the years) was near Peoria over the weekend and went out of her way to find us. We weren't at the hospital at the time, but she left a note, and her numbers to I could contact her and we were able to have lunch and visit for over 3 hours.

One of the intensivist's from up here called me Saturday morning on his day off from a weekend away with his family to see how we were doing. He had heard about Olivia's diagnosis and he said it just hit him like a brick. He asked lots of questions and reassured me that he would be here on Tuesday for surgery. He and his family were thinking of us and praying for us as well.

One of the residents told me that some of the nurses were talking about taking their vacation time to come down to Memphis to be with Olivia. Their own personal vacation time.

Many nurses were in tears after hearing about Olivia's latest hurdles.

One nurse is requesting to come in tomorrow on her day off to admit Olivia back from surgery. She said she just needs to be here - I told her she would have to keep herself composed enough if she were going to be taking care of Olivia!

These are just a few of the things that have amazed me over the last week or so...

Thank you for loving her so much.


Anonymous said...

Julie & family,

As I read your blog the other night confirming the diagnosis of AML I had tears rolling down my cheeks. When I told my husband why he said "aww, that cute little girl from Macomb?" (I hope you don't mind that I've shared her story with him, I had to tell him who I had taken care of the night my water broke :-)). So anyways, he's come to know Olivia through my stories of her and I of course had to show him just how adorable she is in the pictures on your site. I can't imagine how torn you are in rejoicing in finally having a diagnosis, although it wasn't the most optimal one out there. I agree with you in that we are never given more than we can handle and that there is a reason we are handed everything we are. I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow throughout the day and be anxious to hear how Livvy did when I come in to work tomorrow night. I just wanted to be sure to let you know that there is yet another person out there thinking of and praying for you all.

Take care, I'll see you tomorrow.

Erika, PICU RN

Anonymous said...

I truely admire your family's strength. You have all been through so much and yet you are always smiling and Olivia is always pleasing everyone in PICU. There are so many times people are just walking by her room and just can't resist walking in to see her playing. She is such a beautiful strong girl who can fight anything! We are all thinking of your family and praying for Olivia!
Tara Osman

the*4*of*us said...

How neat to see all of the ways that Olivia is touching others! She must be a very special little girl! We're praying for her as she faces surgery tomorrow--and I hope you don't mind that i've passed your blog along for others to pray as well.

Hotz' said...

Doll, I was NOT up to date when I saw you Saturday...if I had kept up on my blog reading like I normally do...I would have hugged you and told you how great you are. You are an amazing daughter, mother, wife and a true inspiration to many people. I seriously want you to keep us in mind if you ever need anything...even if it is to watch the kiddos or check on the house...we don't care. Please know we are thinking of you - praying for you...and are truly blessed to be apart of your lives.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Family,
I, and my whole church congregation prays for Olivia and your family. I want you to know that the minute I heard about Olivia last nite, I couldn't get you all out of my mind. I wanted to come over and hold you and tell you that God has you and your family in his arms. But didn't want to intrude on a very tough time. I understand what your going through. Being a leukemia survivor myself (age 6), I'm here to listen if you need anything! St. Judes will take very good care of Olivia and your family. I'll be down there this summer taking part in a relay for life study, and will look you up, if thats ok.
Good luck tomarrow. Your definatly in our prayers. God Bless, Angela

Anonymous said...

Julie- I always keep up with your blog and follow Olivia's miraculous life journey. I always want to leave a comment but never know quite what to say. It's hard to put in words what an inspiration Olivia is me. I will be praying for her and your family in the next step of her journey.
Sincerely, Heather Ketcham

pastor_burdick said...

"Almighty Father, You formed human hands for Your purposes and equipped them for Your service. Please be with these doctors and nurses so that their hands are steady and their minds prepared. Through them, tend to the body of Olivia, your baptized daughter. Grant healing according to Your will, and sustain the whole Chatterton family in faith and life, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who gives life here and forever. Amen."

- Pastor B

Anonymous said...

Lord, Guide us, strengthen us, sustain us, love us as Olivia undergoes her heart surgery today. We trust in you and love you. Happy 21 month birthday to you, Olivia. Happy 8th wedding anniversary to Zac and Julie. Love, Mom and Grandma C.

Jeep2000 said...

So glad you and Brooklyn were able to make it to the shower!
You've all been in our thoughts all weekend and especially today.

-Another cousin ;)