Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't know much

Livvy had a good night. She seemed to settle down a little bit. When I came in this morning, she was clapping her little feet together, looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes, and gave me a big smile as she was holding on to her vent tube. They are going to re-tape her tube this morning. They aren't able to see the bottom of it on the x-ray, which means it's pretty far up there. She also needs her TPT (feeding tube) replaced. It's curled up in her tummy and needs to be down further. They made some significant vent changes throughout the night and this morning, which really surprised me. She's tolerating it fine, but it seems kind of odd to be taking things away if she is going into surgery this week.

In regards to that, here's what I know. They discussed her case this morning. They are all in agreement that they want to do the operation this week. The surgeon is going to look at his schedule at make a decision. However, the intesivist doesn't think she is ready to go in the next few days. Because of her fever on Saturday night, he thinks it would be a recipe for disaster in terms of how sick she could come back from surgery. He said they would need his approval before taking her in. He ordered a lab that will give an idea as to how "ready" her body is.

The surgeon said he might have an idea by the end of the day, but they haven't talked to the intensivist yet. So, we'll continue to sit here on pins and needles waiting for an answer.

Patience is a virtue.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear Olivia had a good weekend. It must be nice to see her smile & interact again. We're all waiting anxiously for the surgery update too. I know the timing stinks but maybe then Zac will get out of having to sit through a boring graduation ;-p

Also, to answer your question. Tova's dancing ability must come from Jason as I don't dance unless I've had a few too many. I also bowl better after a few drinks too. I guess that whole drinking=no coordination thing doesn't always hold true ;-)