Saturday, May 10, 2008


Jack is getting so big. He had his first sleepover last night (at someone besides a grandparents or cousins house). Some good friends from Galesburg called Zac yesterday to see if Jack would be interested in coming to have a sleepover with his friend Riley. After stalking down the Lincoln School Kindergarten class in the middle of their field trip, he asked Jack if he would like to go. Of course, an immediate YES! So, Grandma took him to Galesburg last night and he did great. I was nervous he would get homesick and waited for a phone call, and it never came! (He must not take after me. I don't know that I ever made it an entire night without calling for mom or dad to come pick me up). He had a really good time. They got to go to Happy Joe's, play some baseball, build forts, stay up late, and do lots of playing outside.
Then to top it all off - we got to meet more friends for lunch! My best friend Nicole was in town and brought the girls to meet us at La Gondola. Nic brought me the neatest ceramic tile with the saying "Life is fragile, handle with prayer" on it. I'll have to get a picture and post it when I get my camera working (which explains the lack of pictures over the last month). Anyway, it was very therapeutic to see my friends, relax for a while, and have a little "Jack time."
Now, back at the hospital, Olivia has a fever. It's gotten as high as 102.something. She has Tylenol in her, cold washcloths under her arms, and a fan blowing on her. It is slowly coming down, but we need a few extra prayers to keep it down and keep her infection free!


Hotz' said...

Oh! I can still remember my first sleepover. I was ready to go home at about 9pm. haha. And I was probably a little older then Jack at the time....but it never bothered me staying at grandma's or aunt's houses! Must be something about it not being your family...

Anyways - we are thinking of you girl. xoxooxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie and Family,
As I was sitting in church this morning, I couldn't help but think of all of you. I found myself praying over and over again for you, Julie, (and Grandma too) on your special day, Mother's Day. I know that I have learned many lessons about motherhood from you just from reading your blog. You have to be one of the best, caring, inspirational and faithful mother I've ever known. Thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog. Did your mom tell you I'm addicted to your blog? Anyway, enjoy your Mother's Day....we'll continue to keep our prayers going, especially for tomorrow and hoping that Olivia stays infection free.
With love and many prayers,
Jen Weber