Thursday, May 8, 2008


Olivia's had an extremely stable day. But, enough about her - this post is going to be about me today.
I had at least 3 people at the hospital ask me if I was okay today. They asked if I'd been crying (I hadn't). They asked if I'd been sleeping the last few days (somewhat). They asked if I'd been eating (yes, if chips, candy, soda, and coffee count). So, I took that as a hint that I must look really, really bad. I tried to say it must be allergies, but I actually feel pretty good otherwise. So, I left the hospital and went to take a nap. I feel so much better. I think I may even go for a walk or at least sit outside for a while. Apparently exhaustion had set in.
I'm not planning on going back in this evening because mom is there now, Zac will be there soon, and Brooklyn will be coming back to mom and dad's for the rest of the weekend. I'm excited to play with her. I don't know why it's so hard for me not to be at the hospital. I do okay when I leave at night, for the most part, but I guess I'm asleep and not thinking about Olivia (at least consciously). I'm struggling just sitting here and not sitting there typing this. But...I'll get over it. I just need to keep myself busy. Maybe I'll go shopping until Brooklyn gets here.
Anyway, I also wanted to express how much it means to me to see all the comments that people leave on the blog. I am truly amazed that there are so many people across the country praying for us or thinking of us. There are even complete strangers - people we have never even met and may never meet, that think about us often. I don't know if you are just coming out of the woodwork to follow Olivia's story now, or these last few months have made you feel really, really bad for us, or we are just sounding (and apparently looking) really, really pathetic lately! Whatever the case may be, we truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much.
Along those same lines, yesterday, Olivia's neighbor bought her the softest, most adorable little puppy stuffed animal I've ever seen. Seeing Olivia the way she was, and the worry I must have had on my face, brought back memories for her mom from many years ago. So, her mom went down to the gift shop and bought the dog for Olivia. She also gave me a little note with her email address in case I ever wanted to talk. She had been through similar situations in the last 8 years. So thank you SO much to adorable Jaci and her mom! When Olivia wakes up, I'll have to post a picture of her with her new puppy! You are a amazing people! I hope you are on your way home soon!
The moral of the story: People amaze me. I could probably spend at least an entire day writing posts about what people have done for us over the last 2 years. We are truly humbled and blessed by the people we know (and don't know).
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,
Here you are in the hospital yet again with your little girl and you are seeing the best in people.
What an amazing person you are! You remind me SO much of your mom. I have always admired her for many reasons and I see all of those reasons in you. Please know that we think about you often and say many prayers throughout every day for Olivia's healing, for her doctors'/nurses'knowledge to care for her, for you and the rest of your family for patience, understanding and most of all strength to get through this. Your faith is amazing and I know it will get you through.
I am so glad you were able to take a nap today and to get some much deserved "you" time. You need that! Enjoy your time with Brooklyn, Jack, Zac, and the rest of your family this weekend. Tell Olivia that we are thinking about her.
With love and many prayers,
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

Julie, the reason so many of us are following your family is because YOU are amazing! I know that God has blessed you with incredible strength and courage -- we can all see this and the effect it has on your family. Olivia, Jack, and Brooklyn (and Zac, of course) are fortunate to have you!
Linda Schulthes

Judy said...

I'm so glad you got to get a little rest!! You need to take care of yourself so you can keep all the medical stats straight and so you can continue to be an advocate for Olivia!! Just for the record, I don't think you've been sounding pathetic at all. I know that I check your blog because we love Olivia, because Zac has always been and will continue to be one of Ryan's best and dearest friends (Ryan probably wouldn't like me describing his friendship as "dear" but oh well), and because your lives help me to keep perspective in my life. The last 8 months of my life have been very, very challenging. Going from having one child to raise to having five has been a bit of an adjustment and most days I totally feel overwhelmed, but then I check in with you and it reminds me to be thankful for my circumstances. It reminds me to be thankful for the health of my kids and not worry so much about the marker on my couch or the apple juice on my floor. The piles of laundry, school projects, endless diapers, grass that's too high, neighbors with the pit bull, runny noses and ear infections pale in comparison to what you're going through. I'm sure you long for the days of just being home to do laundry. Perspective is a good thing!! So thanks for all the updates! I'm sure there are dozens of people checking in everyday who love your precious girl. Stay strong, Keep the Faith and know that so many people are rooting for Olivia!!