Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All or nothing

Well, we've always known Olivia is an all or nothing kind of girl. The doctor went from a peep of 9 to a peep of 5 on the vent, and dropped a couple of the other settings down quite a bit, as well. Now, don't ask me what any of that means, but the doc referred to it as "aggressive weaning." I'd say so! He also shut off her epinephrine drip and her pressures seem to be handling that just fine. She had a CPAP trial on the vent this afternoon, where she gets the oxygen and the pressure support, but does all the work on her own. She did okay with this, but it's like trying to breathe through a straw, so she was a little agitated. We'll give it another go tomorrow! This is one step closer to extubation!! Woohoo! Keep it up, girlfriend!


Anonymous said...

That's amazing keep up the good work Olivia.
-Lindsey Chatt