Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rough Mommy Day.

Today has just been a tough day for me. I know, for the most part, it is due to my lack of sleep this week, but I'll be glad when tomorrow gets here. Olivia has seemed to settle down a bit. She got her blood, platelets, and is still requiring more oxygen. She's had a temp off and on today, but Tylenol seems to cure that.
Jack is feeling better. He went to the doctor this morning and has croup. He did spike a temp with it, so who knows if he and Olivia are sharing this bug. He got a prescription to help with his cough and by tonight, he said he was feeling much better. It was absolutely killing me not being with him today while he wasn't feeling well. I think that is where a lot of my anxiety from the day stems from.
Brooklyn is doing great. I think she was just tired last night when she wrapped her arms and legs around my leg and screamed at me not to go. Break my heart. She did, however, turn it off just as quickly when I told her to call me as soon as her bath was done so I could tell her how high the Spoon River was when I drove over it...for the third time yesterday.
The big kids are super excited that Grandpa C. is coming for a sleepover tonight and staying to play Barbie with Brooklyn tomorrow. We definitely have 4 strong candidates for Grandparent of the Year awards in our family!
Anyway, tomorrow should be a better day. It will be Thursday already and there are big plans for the weekend. It can't get here soon enough!


Amy said...

It's so tough being torn between the 2 different places. Motherhood is never easy, but you seem to carry more than your fair share of the difficult load!! Praying that tomorrow is better for your whole clan. Croup isn't fun...Emma and Nate can sympathize with Jack!!

Anonymous said...

I can totally sympathize with wanting/needing to be in 2 places at the same time, Blaire in the hospital in Chicago, and H.S. kids needing support. Glad to hear that Brooklyn bounced back quickly and has a grandpa that likes to play Barbie. Hope Jack is feeling better soon!

Lynn Lotz

The Hawkinson Gang said...

This may be the most needed HAH EVER! (For both of us!) I'm sorry yesterday was so rough. I wasn't much help.....I was taken back by our conversation and it took me a while to recover. Today will be better...devotion for today:

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Life is difficult, and traumatic events can uproot your entire life in an instant. So we need to live each day mindful that these are precious times. Spreical moments with our loved ones are treasured times that are gone like the mist in the morning. Enjoy each moment with your children---even the not-so-pleasant-ones---and than God for the Kodak moments.

Anonymous said...

The boys and I are praying for a great day for all of you tom. You have all been on a long road and it is bound to get the best of each of you every now and again. Know that you have so much love and support coming your way and even those of us that are to far to to be there in the flesh have your back in spirit. Tell Uncle Rod that berbies loooove to play shopping and hair salon. LOL :) He is a great Grandpa.
Carol & the boys

The Malcolm Family said...

I am sorry your having such a rough time. I am hoping that you have better days ahead. :)