Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good day all around

Olivia had a really good and somewhat productive day. They have been able to come down on some of her vent settings and a little bit more on her epinephrine and vasopressin (blood pressure meds)....and her blood pressure has handled it just fine so far. She is definitely heading in the right direction.
Zac, the kids, and I made it to Schaumburg. Everyone really liked Legoland Discovery Center. We had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (yum!) and walked around Woodfield for a while. The Grandmas were able to hold the fort down at the hospital, and Zac went in tonight on his way home. I'm skipping today, which makes me so sad, but I think I have a touch of what the kids had...chills, headache, scratchy throat, cough, etc... A good night's sleep should get me better by morning. We took a few pictures of our little day trip - I'll post those stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you were all able to get out and enjoy some family time at Legoland! I am so happy to hear Olivia is continuing to improve...even if it's baby steps. Hope you are feeling well soon too!