Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bleeding problems


Olivia's broviac site started seeping yesterday and hasn't stopped, yet. She's also been fluctuating a lot on her blood counts. Here's a little breakdown:

March 3 - 9.0
March 4 - 7.4
March 5 - 6.7

March 3 - 29,000
March 4 - 34,000 (then given platelets because of bleeding)
March 5 - 30,000 (this is after a platelet transfusion)

Hmmm...weird. Anyway, she is getting 2 units of platelets this morning and then getting some blood, as well. They are holding her Lovenox this morning. It seems to be the consensus that it may be to blame at least a little bit.
So, we'll see what the doctors say this morning.