Thursday, March 26, 2009


I tell ya...I leave the girl for less than 24 hours and she gets herself in a tizzy. She was very gaggy before I left yesterday and apparently it only got worse. She was getting herself so worked up that she was vomiting a bit. So, they put a NG tube down through her nose. Well, that ticked her off even more. Then, it seems as though all the changes from the week caught up with her. This morning she spiked a pretty good temp, and has had trouble getting it down.
The doctors seem to be having different opinions about putting the broviac in now. She just looks like she feels yucky. I am definitely glad she didn't get taken off the vent yesterday, because it seems as though it wouldn't have lasted long.
What else...they took her catheter out yesterday, and she hasn't been peeing very well...few and far between. They haven't rounded yet today, so we'll see what the doctors think of all this.
The sleepover was good. Crowded, but good. We took Jack to school this morning and Brooklyn came back to Dunlap with me. She's having a really hard time with things this time around. She may be playing me like a fool, but she seems to do it for everyone else, too, which makes me think it's legitimate. We got both kids registered for tee ball/little league and Brooklyn registered for Kindergarten, so it was a productive evening. Praying for a better day for Miss Olivia! Keep you posted...


The Malcolm Family said...

I am praying olivia has a better day. Praying big sister Brooklyn starts feeling better about things also.

Judy said...

She does always seem to do better when you're there, but don't feel guilty for one second about going home! It sounds like Jack and Brooklyn needed that time with you. Not that it was relaxing at all! Girl, you always seem to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time!
We love you Olivia! Hang in there sweet girl!