Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Miss Grumpy

Olivia is hanging in there. She is still requiring quite a bit more oxygen and is breathing faster than normal. She is also getting some blood this morning and then some platelets. They were a whopping 24,000 yesterday; she got some platelets; then they were 23,000. This morning they were 20,000. Platelets seem pretty worthless to me, but I suppose we all need them!
Besides all that, she is totally grumpy. I can't blame the little peanut, but my goodness. She's going to get a reputation around here.
On the home front, the kids were bummed to get home Sunday to their swing set broken into pieces. The windstorm blew it across the yard and it narrowly missed the house. We were thankful for that! Then, Jack called this morning and says he has a cough that sounds funny and it hurts in his chest when he coughs. Sick day for him. Brooklyn screamed when I left last night, making it very difficult to leave.
We need Spring!


Judy said...

Oh Julie, that made me cry to hear that Brooklyn misses you so much. Of course she does and I'm sure your heart constantly feels torn. Praying that "Little Miss Grumpy" will get her act together so that you can head home soon to your broken swing set and another little girl who needs you too! Life always seems to be throwing you a curve ball, but you always handle it with grace. I'll be praying for Little Miss Brooklyn today too!

Anonymous said...

I just have to tell you that how ever much Brooklyn is missing you (and of course, she is), she really is a cheerful, engaged, busy and very well-behaved preschooler at school. Praying for you all -- Colleen Carlson