Monday, March 16, 2009

Ups and downs.

Olivia is still having some ups and downs. Her blood pressure has been hanging out on the lower end of things, which then causes her to stop peeing. She did spike a temp in the middle of the night of 103. They re-cultured all of her lines, so we'll see if those grow anything. I know we've been in this boat before, where we don't want her to have a bacterial infection, but if something would just come back to explain all of this, it would be nice.
She has been able to get rid of her dopamine, but did have to go up a bit on her epinephrine and vasopressin. Her platelets have been holding strong - around 27,000 - and her hemoglobin is a whopping 12 today. Her white count has come down as well, so hopefully, whatever her infection is, it's moving on out.
Brooklyn is feeling a little better. She woke up barking like a seal this morning, so she just keeps her mouth covered to hide those coughs in there. She's also refusing to get out of her pajamas today, because she's sick. And that's what you do when your sick. She and Grandpa are just laying around watching movies all day. In their pajamas.


Judy said...

What a good grandpa!! I'm so glad Brooklyn has so many fun people to take care of her!
It sounds like Olivia's holding her own and slowly making some progress! I guess it would be nice to get some answers, so keep us posted on those test results.

Claire said...

Yya for jammies days. Am praying for Olivia, and hoping Brooklyn is feeling better soon.