Friday, March 27, 2009

Big day.

Olivia's CT scan didn't show much in terms of infection. Her liver and spleen are huge - could be leukemia or heart related - lymph nodes are huge, and the right part of her heart is much bigger than the left. She could be in heart failure as opposed to this being lung-related. She had an echo done this morning, so we'll see what that may just mean putting her on another heart med to get her heart in better working order.
She is going for her broviac today at 2:00. Hopefully, it goes more smoothly this time around.
Her platelets dropped from 24,000 yesterday to 19,000 today - and that's after receiving platelets??? Needless to say, she's getting more platelets today.
Also, her urine culture came back negative, so we are out of isolation! Yippee!
A different hematologist is going to be visiting her today to discuss switching some of her medications around. They may change her heparin drip over to Angiomax. She's been on this before, but I don't remember the significance of the difference between the two. Her temp has stayed lower than what it has been, so at least things are staying status quo.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Olivia! We will hope that they can figure all of this out and start making you feel better real soon.

Zac and Julie and hang in there too. We will continue to pray that Olivia recovers fast and you all can be back under one roof!

The Bierman's
Matt, Stacy,
Nicholas, James, and John

Judy said...

Wow, I'm glad you got so much information from the CT scan, except it's doesn't sound like the minor stuff we were hoping for. So I guess we should just pray that it's all heart related and that a new medication will fix it all? That sounds like the best case scenario to me!

That girl and her platelets! We need to have a platelet drive or something in her honor! She loves to have new platelets :)

Hooray that you're out of isolation! Now more yellow gowns!!

Keep us posted on the Broviac this afternoon!

Is Brooklyn still in town? Tell her that I'm thinking about her and that I can't wait for her to play with McKenna again sometime!

Anonymous said...

I pray the Broviac procedure goes well this afternoon...what a trooper! Glad her temp is staying down. Hang in there Julie!
Kara- Dixon

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear infection is not the cause and that you are done with those beautiful yellow gowns. Hope and pray that all will go well with her procedure today. Lots of prayers that the change in meds will help her cardiac function/questionable failure. I agree with judy on the idea that sometime we should do a blood drive/ platelet drive for this peanut who likes to get new just about daily.
-Lindsey Chat

The Malcolm Family said...

Praying that they get it all figured out and Olivia gets to feeling better soon.