Monday, March 2, 2009

Setback #1

We always expect setbacks when Olivia is in for "major" things. Apparently, a g-tube qualifies as major in her little life.
Yesterday when the nurses went to change the dressing, the smell was nauseating, there was yellow junk, and blood. The resident came down and offered some possibilities, but ultimately stopped feeds and said we'd watch it. By this morning, if anyone came near her tummy, she screamed bloody murder. Real tears and all.
Dr. Pearl, the pediatric surgeon, stopped by and gave four possibilities:
1. The tube placement is fine, it just isn't working well for some reason.
2. The tube is pressing up against part of the colon and/or intestinal wall.
3. The tube has gone through part of the colon.
4. The tube has gone through part of the colon and intestine.
She is having a GI study done at 8:45 this morning to determine what's going on. If it is either of the last two, she will have another surgery. We are praying for some answers. Regardless of the outcome, it would be nice to know where to go from here.
Her platelets are starting to trend downward again (35,000 yesterday), so she may get a transfusion today. She has more labs to be drawn at 11:00, so we'll see where she's at then. Keep you posted...


Crystal Montgomery said...

BUGGERS! I feel for you guys, really I do :( Sometimes it feels like our babies just can't catch a break. Hopefully the tests today will shed some light on her issues and she can get back on track. Are you in the PICU?

Judy said...

Oh Gosh! Keep us posted!! Praying for her!

Anonymous said...

We are keeping Olivia in our prayers!

The Lotz's