Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good morning.

Olivia had a very stable night. Very peaceful and quiet.
They are trying to get a PICC line in her this morning for more access, but she's being rather challenging...imagine that.
I need some extra prayers today. I am scheduled to go to Bloomington for a "mommy conference" today. It's once a year and refreshes me as a wife, mom, friend, etc... until the next time around. My best friend flew in from South Carolina to go and I ditched her last night, but am hoping to go today. As long as I can pry myself out of this chair in Olivia's room, I'll be halfway there. Getting myself to drive out of the parking lot is the other half of the battle. I found this out last night. So, I'm asking for prayers for Olivia to have an unbelievably stable day, and for me to be able to get out of this chair to go, and to have the peace that passes all understanding today.
I'll be sure to post as soon as I get back this afternoon, or sooner if there are any issues. Thanks so much - we are feeling all of those prayers...every single one.


Crystal Montgomery said...

I am totally with you about how hard it is to leave. It feels wrong to go but sometimes you just have to. Go and recharge and we will all be praying for Olivia to be stable while you're gone. She's in great hands :)

threekidchaos said...

YOu know, sometimes I really hate blogger. I had a great comment & it ate it. Again.

Anyway, GO GO GO!!!! You'll be so much better for having spent the day with Nicole at your conference.

We'll pray Olivia has a stable, calm day & doesn't even know you're gone.


Anonymous said...

Praying that olivia has a great stable day. She is surrounded by nurses and people that care about her. You go to the "mommy" conference and refresh yourself. It will give you the strength you need during this stressfull time. Have a blast!

Lynn Lotz