Friday, March 13, 2009

Olivia update

Olivia is having a stable afternoon. She still has her moments of funky heart rhythms, but they are able to get her out of it by tweaking her medications...nothing like this morning. They are definitely watching her closely. They have decided to put her on a paralytic so doesn't waste any energy moving. We are all wishing we could have an answer to this. Is it a virus that has made her this sick? So far no cultures have come back with any bacteria. Is it her heart? Her echo yesterday showed great function, but has it gotten too sick to handle an illness?

Anyway, her fever has stayed down compared to this morning. There are still questions that no one is able to answer, which makes it hard.

It's been a long day.
(Bethany - you picked a good day to be sick. Erin didn't even want to battle Olivia today=) Hope you're feeling better.)


Anonymous said...


Not being there today has made it that much harder to be home sick. I hope you have been feeling the hugs that I've given you today :). If you need anything (even for moral support or to vent), please call me. Give Liv a kiss for me.

Bethany PICU

Anonymous said...

Julie and Family- We have been travelling today and just got to the computer. Our prayers are with you that Olivia improves and that the Dr.'s are able to answer some of the questions as to why.

Lynn Lotz

pastor_burdick said...

You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope you feel the love and support. God's peace. Kathy B.

Anonymous said...

All of us here are praying big time. You're an amazing mother, Julie. Hang in there!
Leslie :)

Judy said... glad the afternoon was better! I know that God is hearing our sweet Olivia's name a lot tonight!

Anonymous said...

Even though I spent my day at the other end of the hall, I was sending my love your way all day! Just wanted to let you know all of you were in my thoughts and prayers all day! Livvy was trying to teach me not to volunteer for too much overtime!


Anonymous said...

Praying daily for Olivia and Julie. --Bee Holland