Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

So far, we are having the luck of the Irish today (the wee bit that Olivia has in her). At some point throughout the night, the nurses were analyzing Olivia's heart rhythm and were afraid she were in some degree of heart block (don't ask me to explain it). Luckily, after the cardiologist looked at it, he said she is just fine! Whew.
The dopamine is still off (out of the room, even.) They are working on her epinephrine today, and making good headway. She is still spiking temps here and there, but once the wet washcloths, Tylenol, and fan come on, she comes right down. As tricky as she is, she is very predictable in some aspects...if her blood pressure is below 80, the pee stops or is minimal. If her heart rate gets closer to 100, her temp is creeping up as well.
She is still resting comfortably. They haven't done rounds yet today, so I don't know if there are any major goals for the day. Personally, I'll take keeping things status quo;)


Judy said...

This has nothing to do with this post, but Nate was just sitting next to me when I pulled up your page and he said "Oh look, it' me." And I said, "What? Where do you see you?" And he pointed to the picture of Jack. Too funny! I can see a resemblance. Their coloring is the same...dark hair, brown eyes. He totally doesn't believe me that it's not him :)

Status quo sounds good to me too! Do they think that it could just be a virus causing all this? McKenna was sick for about two weeks with an on and off fever and a million other things too! I just hope it's that simple and she bounces back quickly! It sounds like you have some great nurses who are on top of things!! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Status quo sounds great. Hope you all get some rest. so glad to hear you got to go to your Bloomington retreat with your friend last week. Thank God for family and friends!! kay

Anonymous said...

Even tho we were out of blog world for the past week, I kept thinking about you all, so decided I'd better pray harder....and now i know why. I know that HOH is an awesome conference and i'm glad you could go to be recharged. God really is good, especially when we need it most.