Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Piggy tails

Olivia has the sweetest little pigtails in this morning. I know that's her normal hairdo, it's just been a while and it's nice to know that the nurses had fun doing her hair during the night.
Olivia was wide awake when I came in this morning! I've given her a little pep talk about working on her vent settings today. We'll see what she decides to do. She looks so good. Her belly is much smaller, her G-tube site is better, her numbers are outstanding, she tolerated dropping another .01 ml on her epi...things are good. So, we need to cease the moment, without pushing her too hard, and make some progress!


Anonymous said...

I love her piggy tails they are just her. I forgot to tell you that while we were in the hospital all the Dr.s say our name looked familiar. I told them it was just our last name and that Olivia was our cousin and they all said everyone nows Olivia here and that is so true. Every peds nurse and Dr. I meet at work always ask me if I now her. Little miss OSF. Hope today brings good things and keep up the good work Olivia.
-Lindsey Chat

Anonymous said...

Sorry spell check is not always my friend. Everyone knows not nows.

Jodi said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Go Olivia! Prayers will continue for all of you!! Keep smiling!