Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Doctor's Day!

Today is Doctor's Day. A day to honor the doctor's in your life. Lord knows Olivia has a few! So, this post is dedicated to you, Doctors. We appreciate you more than words can express. Some of you have become more like family, than a "healthcare professional," after all, we spend more time with you than we do the rest of our family. You take great ownership in Olivia, rightfully so. Even though she's probably caused you more gray hair and sleepless nights, she's been known to put a smile on your face just the same! Happy Doctor's Day!

So, a big thank you to: (in no particular order;o)
Dr. Lockard
Dr. Torres
Dr. Deshpande
Dr. Fortuna
Dr. Shah
Dr. Pearl
Dr. Al-Rahawan
Dr. Smith
Dr. Ross
Dr. Hasselman
Dr. Bash
Dr. Michaels
Dr. Uretzky

And anyone else I'm forgetting! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Judy said...

Olivia is one lucky girl to have so many caring doctors to take care of her!
I just want to add my thanks to all of the doctor's listed who have made such a difference in Olivia's life! We know that God has used each of you time and time again to bring healing and comfort to Olivia! We pray for you often that the Lord will guide your hands and give you wisdom!