Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chugging away...

I am still totally amazed at how well Olivia handled everything yesterday. Hopefully she is starting to feel better. She's had a big morning already today. She got a new tube holder put on for her vent tube, got a couple of her dressings changed for her lines, and got her bedding changed...doesn't sound like much, but in her little world right now, it's huge!
I have noticed a bit more bleeding from her broviac site and her art line site, but it's not much at all. I'm just hoping it's not because of the switch in blood thinners, and is happening "just because." They'll probably keep a close eye on it. Otherwise, there most likely won't be any big plans for the weekend...just give her time to settle down from the last couple of weeks!


Anonymous said...

We will pray that Olivia has an uneventful, restful weekend.

Lynn Lotz

Pottymomma said...

Hi. Its Christine Kennedy. You might remember me from pick up time at school or from PTO. I read often and pray for Olivia and youguys. I've been wanting to email you and ask if there is ever a time that I could help with your older kids but I don't know your email address. Mine is I don't have enough seats in my van to transport them to and from but youguys are welcome to have them come play here sometimes if it would help at all. I know our kids would love the company. (Especially this summer when they are all out of school.)