Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby steps...

Vasopressin - off!
Epinephrine - down to .04 from .05
Vent settings are up a bit :o(
Hey, we'll take what we can get.
Olivia has had a pretty good day. Her blood pressure has been outstanding! Her G-tube know, the one that's a month old now...looks nasty! They are going to try to consult the wound specialist to come take a gander at it. She winces whenever anyone touches that area of her belly at all. Poor baby.
Otherwise, Zac and the kids survived the first day back after Spring Break, although I miss them already. I'm hoping to make a trip back to Macomb on Wednesday for Kindergarten registration. I'm even planning to sleepover! My own bed?!? Can't wait - wonder how many people will be in it with me ;o)


threekidchaos said...

Slumber Party! I'll be there! Oh, wait. Maybe not - that would be weird ;-)

I keep thinking I should go to Kindergarten round up just to stave off Murphy's Law.

Judy said...

How disappointing to hear about her g-tube. That has got to be so frustrating! The other stuff sounds good though! Baby steps is always the way Olivia seems to recover, so baby steps sounds good! I hope she's making more progress today! What's the plan after this? Will you go home when she's recovered? Will you stay and start chemo? Or are you just taking one day at a time and not thinking to much about what's ahead? I guess Miss Olivia is rather unpredictable so it would be a little hard to make much of a plan!

Leesa Palmer said...

I think the Kindergarten round up is tongight (24th). I just want to make sure you have the right day. I will have to check the paper again, too. I will see you there. Way to go Olivia.

Leesa Palmer said...

Oh..nevermind. It is probably at St. Paul tonight and Lincoln tomorrow. Sorry