Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Status Quo Day

Olivia actually had a really good day. Not too many ups and downs. Only a low grade fever here and there, but mostly no fever at all! She is still looking really good. Except for her skin, surprise, surprise. We finally took the dressing off from her "ex-broviac site." Her poor skin was so broken down under there. She's also developed a bed sore, which apparently is a really big deal up there. They caught it at a very early stage, but I guess they can get really nasty. I won't go into details;) So, a wound specialist will come visit her tomorrow to see if they want to do anything special with it. Anyway, it was nice to have a stress free day.
If Olivia has a good night, Zac and I are taking the kids to Schaumburg to the Legoland Museum. We are all really excited for a partial-family day. It's been a while. The Grandma's are taking over for the day tomorrow, so Olivia won't be lonely. But, don't expect any blog posts. I'm sure I'll post when we get home just to give you an update. We didn't want anyone worrying all day! Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

thank you for not going into details :)

Anonymous said...

Hope things go well and you are able to get away to Legoland. Sounds like lots of fun. Glad to hear Olivia is having some good days.

Lisa Fulkerson

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day at Legoland! Enjoy your day with the "big kids"...Zac included...tee hee

Lynnette and gang at MJSHS

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
I've been out of town and away from computer access. Glad to hear Olivia has had some better days. You've still been in my prayers. Hope the Legoland adventure was great. God Bless You All. Kathy

Loriann said...

Hi, I am so glad to see your site, I found it via Four men and a mommy. I have a special needs child too. Just when I feel at my wits end God shows me new things. Blessing to you and your family. You will be in our thoughts and prayer's. Lori and girls