Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No go for today...

Olivia did alright on the CPAP trial, but after talking to the doctor, it seems more logical to wait to extubate. Olivia still needs to have a new broviac put in, and it would be silly to extubate her and have to re-intubate her when it's time to go to surgery. So, they set it up to have a broviac put in tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning depending on how she is doing.
Other plans for the day...trying feeds again through her g-tube at 5 ml and hour, decreasing her diuretics (she's shrinking like crazy), and let her rest up for extubation day!
I'm getting ready to head back to Macomb this afternoon...if I can find it.
I've heard rumors that our computer at home is having issues, so if I don't update...don't worry, I'll be back at it tomorrow afternoon.


Judy said...

Well, I'm glad her trial went well! It sounds like she's definitely making progress a little bit at a time! Keep us posted about when they're going to put a new broviac in!
I hope you're having a fun sleepover at home! I'm sure Jack and Brooklyn are thrilled to have you there with them!