Monday, April 6, 2009

All's well.

So far, it looks like Olivia has turned things around is true Olivia fashion! Her numbers have been perfect. Her lab tests have been at the other end of the spectrum...she went from having really, really high potassium levels to rather low levels within an hour. They've been having to treat her potassium all night to get it up to an acceptable range!
She slept great, but has been really awake this morning. She's been okay with that, but she seems a bit jittery sometimes. They cut down all of her sedation medications so abruptly yesterday so she is showing signs of withdrawal. They may have to go back up a little bit, or at least give her a little something to help with that. She's also extremely junky today. They are having to suction her quite a bit and she's coughing like crazy.
As much as I complained last week about uneventful days, it would be great to have one of those today!


Anonymous said...

Keep it up Olivia! I will pray that her numbers continue to improve and that you both have a peaceful day.

Judy said...

My goodness it sounds like a busy day so far! I hope the only eventfulness that takes place today are positive improvements for Olivia! Did you guys get any snow? Hard to believe I'm asking about that in April.