Friday, April 17, 2009


Forget a PO2 of 104.
She's gotten up to an incredible 122!
Her vent settings are coming down.
Her heart rate is down.
Her blood pressure is stable.
Her oxygen sats are okay.
They are thinking about letting her wake up a bit by taking off the paralytic (although, I'd rather wait until Monday).
Things are good.


The Malcolm Family said...

I am so happy Olivia is doing so well!! We will continue to pray for her and I hope you all have a quiet weekend.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Olivia!! Keep it up!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Way to go O! God is good. We'll keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Great job Olivia! Keep it up. Hope you can all have a relaxing weekend.

The Fulkersons

Millicent said...

WAY TO GO!! Praise GOD!!

Nic said...

SO HAPPY....Keep it up Liv!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look, Julie!!