Monday, April 27, 2009


Now, I know better than to say we aren't expecting any surprises. Well, we got one.
We saw Olivia go by about a half an hour ago, but no one had come to get us. We assumed they forgot us, so we went down to see if we could get to her room. Nope. The trach is too short.
Apparently, she's longer than the average bear, so the trach ends up not being long enough. For the time being, they are going to stitch in a temporary endotracheal tube (I think similar to what was in her mouth, only through the new trach opening). Then the doctors are going to special order some trach tubes that will be long enough for little Olivia.
Oooo, that child! She's something else, isn't she???
Anyway, our consolation prize? You know that g-tube I dislike so much? They switched it out to a G-button! Yeah! Hopefully, she'll tolerate this better.
When we get to see her, I'll be sure to post an update. The doctor did say she is doing fine, it's just the whole trach thing...


Anonymous said...

It's not Olivia without a complication. Do you hear doomy music when you say things like "this should be easy"?

I'm wondering, what exactly is the trach going to do for her? I mean, I know what a trach does, but how will that relieve her pressures & get her home sooner?

The Hawkinson Gang said...

Oh Olivia! Someone could write a big fat textbook on you! Hey Julie....start writing.....beat the doctors to the millions! Glad to hear she is out and the only complications were Olivia being Olivia! Love you guys!

Crystal Montgomery said...

I can't believe I read that right! They didn't have the correct size trach?! St. Francis is a level one trauma center, a major children's hospital, etc...I would think they would be well stocked and prepared for pretty much anything. WOW! That just blows me away. I'm glad this has been the only complication though and we will be praying for a quick and smooth recovery.