Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy cow!

So, what do you think of the new look? I was getting sick of the old one, so I emailed Zac's cousins wife and asked for a little makeover. I asked her yesterday...when she had time...and look at what she did!!!! I guess she doesn't mess around! Thank you so much, Judy! I love it!
Olivia had a good night. Her oxygen saturations were a little low, so they made a few changes on the vent. She seems to like it better. Otherwise, all is good. I'm still waiting to see if they are going to decide to wake her up today, which I'm really nervous about. We would be perfectly happy waiting until Monday when the regular doctors are around. We'll just wait and see.
The kids are this direction. Neither chose to sleep last night. I have a feeling they may be a little cranky today. I may be to.
Thanks again, Judy! You're awesome!


Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great...I could tell it was a "Judy creation". Praising God that Olivia is doing better...been praying for your sweet little girl.

- Laurie

Anonymous said...

A new blog is refreshing!!! Thank you
Judy, didn't know she was so talented
Everybody in Macomb and Fulton, McDonough Counties are praying for
Olivia!!! May Angels sing and dance
around all of you! Praise the Lord
for happy days.
Uncle Bob
Aunt Karen

Judy said...

I'm glad you like it! I probably speak for most people who read this blog when I say that I've been dying to do something to bless you guys. It's frustrating to be so far away and not be able to help with your kids or make you meals or take you out to dinner or sit with you at the hospital. I wish I could do all those things but can't, so when you asked me to give your blog a makeover I was more than excited. And it happened to be nap time, thus giving me the perfect excuse to stop doing laundry and start working on your blog instead without any little people interupting me :) And seriously, I need to get a life, my favorite thing to do is sit at the computer and create this stuff!

Sarah Joy said...

The blog looks great! Judy is so amazing! She works on these blogs so quickly! I love the header!
I am praying for you guys and Olivia! She is on my heart and mind all the time!