Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dry as a bone.

Poor little Olivia. They've dried her out too much. She's withering away. Luckily, a little extra fluid will take care of that!
She's getting a little extra fluid today, and they were able to start her on a couple of new medications. It will take a few days to see if they are working, but the intensivists up here aren't banking on it doing too much. Apparently, the medications aren't very "strong." It doesn't hurt to start her on these, but they also aren't known to be miracle drugs either.
Her platelets are a whopping 47,000 today. It will be interesting to see how long she holds on to those!
It's the beginning of a new month, so that means all new residents. Again. It looks like an okay's sad that we are seeing some of them on their second rotation up here and we are familiar with them, but it's also nice that they are already a bit familiar with Olivia.
It's a big day tomorrow. Way back when I mentioned that Olivia had been nominated as a Miracle Kid for the Children's Hospital. We never heard anything more about it until last week. We were invited to the Children's Miracle Network Kick-off. It's tomorrow night, so Zac, the kids, and I are going to go and represent Olivia. They were sad to hear that Olivia wouldn't be making an appearance, and said she needs to be better by telethon day...May 31!