Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have a good reason...

for not posting.

I was alone.

I don't remember the last time that happened, and I don't anticipate it happening again anytime soon. I went home to Macomb yesterday in the afternoon and I am just getting back to the hospital now.

First and foremost-Olivia is doing awesome! She is awake, awake, awake! She's happy most of the time, but they have been giving her extra sedation because she doesn't want to settle down.

Why did I go home, you wonder?

Well, it turns out that we are moving. Zac was offered a position as the principal at Dunlap Middle School for next year. It's an opportunity that came along at just the right time and one that we couldn't pass up. Zac accepted the position on Wednesday night. So, as you can see, it's been a really big, emotionally exhausting, crazy week.
We told the kids on Friday night. Jack cried. Brooklyn was ecstatic. We asked them where they would want to move if they could move anywhere in the world. Brooklyn chose Dunlap, Jack chose Philadelphia. We're going with Brooklyn's choice.
So, I went home to clean house and organize so we can get the house on the market. It's obviously not a great time to be selling a house, but we are hopeful it will all work out.
Zac told the MHS staff on Friday morning, which was really hard for him. We've made great connections and are going to really miss the entire community. We've always said that if we could pick up Macomb and move it closer to Peoria, we would. It just makes more sense for us to be closer to the hospital. I miss being a family!
Anyway, we are excited for our new adventure (well, most of us are). Now we just need to get Miss Olivia better so she can help pack!


Anonymous said...

Wow Julie! I wish you all the best with your move, your husband's new job and selling your home. I'm ecstatic to hear that Olivia is continuing to improve!! Yeah!!! :-)

Sarah Joy said...

Wow! What news! Will be praying for the house to sell !

Judy said...

Welcome to the "house on the market" club! It's a crazy time to try to sell, but thankfully God is in complete control :)
We're excited about Zac's new position! The timing sounds perfect! I'm sure Jack will warm up to the idea soon!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to move Macomb closer to Cedar Rapids. I wish that were an opiton.

What great news for your family! It'll be so nice being married & a parent of 3 kids again ;-)

I'll send some of my house selling tips soon & you can put Suzanne & Zac to work.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for your family! Congratulations! Tara Osman

Anonymous said...

So excited for you guys! And I'm sure Grandma T. is VERY thrilled! We'll be praying for God's hand on the selling of your home and buying a new home! And of course, that little Olivia will get better soon to help pack!:)
Rebecca Schappaugh

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job. It will be so nice for you guys to live closer to peoria. Good luck with selling and buying a house
Angie, RN

Crystal Montgomery said...

Congrats! I can't imagine having to commute the way you guys do. We live less than 15 minutes from my door to the hospital and sometimes that even seemed too far. Every time I think we are alone in this crazy world, God shows He has hand is in everything around us. So good to hear Olivia is tolerating being awake. Such a huge step! Way to go!

jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...

Congrats Julie! How nice to know that you will be cutting down on driving time between the hospital and home!! That has to be exciting! We are praying for you all and Olivia. I don't know how you do it but there must be truth that god knows what you can handle!

The Malcolm Family said...

Julie, I am so excited that Olivia is doing so well. That must take a big weight off of your shoulders. Good luck with the move and Zac's new position. Here is a prayer that Olivia continues to improve!!!

Peoria Peepers said...

Congrats to Zac, and what a great location for you all!! :-)

Warner said...


Congrats to Zac and you! I'm sure this will make it so much easier when Olivia is in the hospital. I know Jack will adjust quickly. Our prayers are constantly with Olivia and the family & we'll say an extra prayer for a smooth move!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I am so excited for you guys to be able to be together all the time even when Miss Liv thinks she needs to come and visit us.

Kristal, RN